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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.) How do I Post a Job Vacancy?
It's as easy as ABC to Post a Job on If you haven't already, Register
To stand out, don't forget to add a School Logo.
Once logged in click on Add Job, fill in the Job Details and then sit back and await your responses.

2.) How do I Apply to a Job vacancy?
It's easy applying to a job vacancy on If you haven't already, Register don't forget to add you current CV. Then click on the Job you're interested in and then on Apply. The Job poster is notified immediately!

3.) Recieved an email from us to say someone has applied to your job & want to receive the job applicants details?
Head to the Menu bar, click on 'SIGN IN', then 'SCHOOL', then enter your password;
If you have forgotten, or do not have the password for your account, Click on 'Password Reminder' link;
Enter your email (the one that received the notification)
Your login details will be sent to your email address;
Login to using the SIGN IN link on the menu bar;
Once logged in, go to the Menu bar, click on 'Account', Find the relevant job & click on the 'View Job Applicants' button.

4.) We already use a Job Board!
If you already use a 'Job Board' for your vacancies, that's great!
Why not run us side by side?
You have nothing to lose & plenty of money to save!!
Consider this.....
a) How much does it cost you to advertise on your favourite job board?
Well did you know that, is FREE!?
b) Also, how do you know that the Candidates your advert attracts, are not being offered placements/interviews at other Schools by your job board agent?
Candidates that apply to your Job Vacancy Adverts on DO NOT go into a talent pool that job board agents can dip into and offer out to other schools!

5.) Bookmark a Job
No time to apply for a job right now?
Bookmark it for later and apply when you have time! You can Bookmark up to 5 Jobs.

6.) Trusts & Marketing Agencies
If you are an Organisation that will need to administer several different school's job adverts
then you'll need to register as a MA User(Multi-Account).
To do this, just chose the option on the SIGN IN page for MA User(Multi-Account).

7.) More.....
That's it so far, we're really easy & simple to use!
However, if there's something you'd like to know why not drop us a line using the Contact form.